With imported US meat and an authentic Texas BBQ smoking method, The Pit is a purveyor of hand smoked straight, wood and fire Texas BBQ from a Texas native.

Photos by Julian Moser


The Pit opened in November 2014 and started as a mobile Texas BBQ establishment, serving delicious smoked classic BBQ in Berlin. Since then, The Pit has expanded to catering private events as well as business functions with our mouth-watering dishes such as our Texas Smoked Wagyu Brisket and juicy Beef Short Rib.

The Pit is the only authentic TX BBQ in Germany and the first in Berlin to smoke using traditional methods.


What are "traditional methods" of smoking meat?

Even in the US, many BBQ restaurants choose to go an easier route and use a smoker (aka a Pit) assisted by technology. Some popular examples are the Ole Hickory, and Southern Pride smokers.

While the technologically assisted smokers give a good end result, there is nothing quite like smoking a brisket the old fashioned way by throwing in logs into the firebox, maintaining the pit's temperature by hand and resisting the urge to open the pit's 50 kg door to check how beautiful the meat looks.

We like to call this method "hand smoked", since we actually use our hands the entire process to bring the best BBQ possible.


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